Our Philosophy

nature. nurture.culture.

These three elements are the foundation of our brand, with nurture at the heart of it all. We envision that our products will help mothers in their quest to nurture their children. Also, by collaborating with small businesses we hope to nurture and help further their own growth. In the future we would also like to initiate a “product incubator” with the goal of nurturing the creative sensibilities of other women who do not have the resources to see product development through from start to finish but want an outlet for their creativity.

Nature. With the child’s comfort as our driving principle, we will use natural materials for the main elements of our products with the provision that they are produced in a sustainable manner, to help preserve this beautiful earth for future generations.

Culture. Multiculturalism is the fibre that ties our brand together. We respect the partners with whom we work. As much as possible we will incorporate local culture and heritage into the products we make or sell as well as look to other cultures for inspirations for our products. When possible we will showcase the creativity that can be found in every corner of this world.

Global Community

We are a brand with diversity as one of our core values and a vision to support the greater community through collaboration and partnership.
We aim to partner with entrepreneurs and small business around the world to make their products available outside of their hometown. Our first partnership is with a lady in Uganda who makes sleeping bags from cotton that is hand woven locally in and Kenya.