Our Story

The story of Anak Anak was literally conceived over a warm plate of chicken rice. Three friends were discussing the challenges facing parents today and the accoutrements of 21st century motherhood, from clothing and transporting to feeding one’s baby. They were all well versed on how to make things practical and imaginative for the multifaceted mom who likes to be well equipped for the daily adventures they are inevitably faced with.

What began as a spontaneous lunch date between friends soon became a creative partnership. “Looking for a way to channel our entrepreneurial and creative skills we tossed around the idea to start a line of goods for children while also keeping mum’s fashionable sensibilities in mind,” said the minds behind Anak Anak. Whether you are a new age, traditional, unconventional or modern and vibrant kind of mom, our products are tailored to empower every mother on her journey.

Like all creative partnerships, the founders are all inspired by a common thread: their shared indelible Filipino roots and rich traditions, and their multicultural affinities as well as love of travel. Thus, the use of “anak” in the brand name; Anak means child in Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines. Double-barreled, “anak-anak” means children in the Indonesian native language.
Children are at the heart of our brand and we aim to create and offer useful, fun and high quality products for the parents of today, that are readily available. Our product’s designs foster a sense of nature, nurture and culture.